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Programs for Upper Elementary School

Upper Elementary School

Upper Elementary School (grades 4 to 5) provides a rigorous academic experience in a fully supportive atmosphere.

English electives include topics that would make challenging undergraduate seminars.

Language students are able to reach a level of fluency that allows them to study literature in different Languages.

In the sciences, sophisticated instruments and software allow lab teams to focus on analysis and understanding. In fact, Foothill Progressive Montessori School & Academy students often perform experiments presented only as instructor demonstrations at many colleges.

Along with these challenges come choices -- in electives, extracurricular activities, even advisers -- allowing each student to shape a unique educational experience. And when it's time to move on, students can rely on counselors for help finding opportunities matching their interests, aptitudes, goals and personality. We are proud of the ability and diversity of Our School's graduates.

Students are prepared for entrance into High School with an emphasis on both Academics and Leadership. In these impressionable years, the students are involved in debate, oral and computer presentations and are taught to enhance their computer literacy (Word and PowerPoint). These tools, together, provide them with the necessary skills and confidence as they enter High School.


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